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Bears Athletic Club

Welcome to the Lawrence Central High School Bears Athletic Club (BAC)! The BAC is a parent organization focused on supporting the student-athletes of Lawrence Central High School. The organization operates in conjunction with the LC Athletic Department staff and LC Principal. Our organization believes that academics and athletics go hand-in-hand for the success of our children. BAC is dedicated to the continued support of our student-athletes, coaching staff, trainers, and athletic department programs.

LC BAC’s mission:
Our goal is for all parents of LC Athletes to become active BAC Members.  The mission of BAC is to lend support of all kinds, both financially and culturally, to aid, promote and assist in the perpetuation of all LC Athletic Programs.  Such support for both the coaches and student-athletes of Lawrence Central High School includes:

  • Promoting school spirit through student Pack-the-House Nights or similar activities;
  • Supporting the athletic and academic excellence of student-athletes through Athlete Recognition Luncheons in the Fall & Spring;
  • Promoting active and involved parent and community leadership;
  • Fundraising for supplementary financial support to our Athletic Department such as various summer camps for athletes, new training equipment and uniforms;
  • Supporting the Athletic Department’s annual Senior Awards Banquet;
  • Maintaining and strengthening LC’s history and tradition of excellence, exemplified in our student-athletes, coaches, staff, and alumni.

Who can belong to the Bears Athletic Club?
The LC BAC is open to all interested parents, teachers, coaches, staff, community and/or corporate leaders. If our booster club is to be truly representative of ALL LC athletic programs, we need a representative from every sport at our monthly meetings. Please consider becoming a representative for your team on our team!  For more information about what BAC is and how it supports the LC Athletic Department, please email one of the BAC Officers listed below.

When and where does the BAC Board meet?
During the 2019-20 school year, the LC BAC Board will meet on the third Monday of every month (except in December) beginning at 6:30p.m.  The meetings are typically held in The Bears Den at Lawrence Central, but on occasion they are held “off-site” so please contact one of the officers (below) to find out more information.

Contact Information:
Athletic Department (317-964-7440):     
Asst. Athletic Director:  Dr. Ramon Batts     
Athletic Administrative Assistant: Lauren Hughes

2020-2021 BAC Officers:
President Nicole Hoffman   317.690.9727
Vice President Joe Carroll   317.945.3925
Secretary   Brenda Schoenlein   317.339.2947
Treasurer   Tricia Powless   317.385.1462

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